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Caroline Fuller Sloat ’65

"Establishing a CGA allows me to increase my support for Mount Holyoke while also providing for my retirement." — Caroline Fuller Sloat ’65

Caroline Fuller Sloat ’65 discovered the Seven Sisters through Maud Hart Lovelace’s beloved Betsy-Tacy books. One character — “the smart one,” Caroline recalled — went to a Seven Sisters school after graduating from the fictional Deep Valley High School.

“I decided to do the same,” said Caroline. “A classmate who attended the same all-girls high school as me, Judy Lonnquist ’62, heard that and immediately educated me about Mount Holyoke.”

After visiting campus, Caroline, who moved to Evanston, Illinois, from Wales at age eleven, was smitten. “Fortunately,” she noted, “Mount Holyoke liked me back.”

Since graduating, Caroline has volunteered with the Alumnae Association and has also been a development volunteer. A consistent donor to The Mount Holyoke Fund and, more recently, to the Mount Holyoke Student Safety Net, she recently created a charitable gift annuity in honor of her parents using some of the proceeds of her mother’s estate.

“My parents loved the College too and were grateful for the financial aid that made my education possible,” said Caroline. “Establishing a CGA allows me to increase my support for Mount Holyoke students while also providing for my retirement.”

Caroline, who earned a master’s degree in history from the University of Connecticut, began her career at Old Sturbridge Village. In 1993 she joined the staff of the American Antiquarian Society and became its director of scholarly programs. Caroline also raised two children, Elisabeth ’90 and Andrew, with her late husband, Bob.

As much as Caroline values discovering how women lived in the past, she is committed to their empowerment in the here and now. Supporting Mount Holyoke allows her to invest in their futures — and in how they’ll change the world.

She added, “I didn’t want to wait until I was gone to give a substantial gift. The charitable gift annuity allows me to see that I’m making a difference.”




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