Ways You Can Give

Bequests in Wills or Living Trusts

A charitable gift from your will or living trust is a favored method of giving that enables you to achieve your financial goals and benefit Mount Holyoke College.

Beneficiary Designation

While most assets pass through a will, retirement plans and life insurance policies are governed by a separate document, called a beneficiary designation.

Immediate Payment Gift Annuity

An immediate charitable gift annuity provides a fixed income starting six months after the gift. It allows you to create fixed income for yourself, and/or one other person, make a gift to Mount Holyoke College, and entitles you to a current income tax deduction for a portion of the assets given to fund the gift annuity.

Deferred Payment Charitable Gift Annuity

A deferred payment charitable gift annuity is a way to receive fixed income for yourself and/or one other person while making a gift to Mount Holyoke. It entitles you to a current income tax deduction for a portion of the assets used to fund the annuity. Payments start on a date of your choosing at least one year after the gift is made.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution

The qualified charitable distribution (or QCD, previously named the IRA charitable rollover) is permanent. Donors 70 ½ and older are eligible to give up to $100,000 directly from their IRA to Mount Holyoke tax-free.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A charitable remainder unitrust can help you maintain or increase income for you or your loved ones while making a significant gift to Mount Holyoke College. When your unitrust grows, your payments will grow too, providing a hedge against inflation.

Retained Life Estates

Donate your home, farm or a second home to Mount Holyoke and receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction, while retaining the right to live in your home for the rest of your life. If you itemize your deductions instead of taking the standard deduction you could save significant income taxes. If you cannot use your entire deduction in the year of your gift, you may carry forward all unused deduction for up to five additional years if you are able to itemize in each of those years.