Donor Stories

The impact of giving through wills and life income gifts can be seen and experienced all across campus. In roommates who come from opposite corners of the globe to climb a mountain on a cool autumn day. In a state of the art lab where a professor and students create renewable energy technology. In a dorm room late at night where students come together to establish a global nonprofit organization to empower women around the world.

Mount Holyoke alumnae believe that all lives are better when women are given every opportunity to live up to their full potential. Make that potential a reality by investing in the future of Mount Holyoke.


Catharine “Cat” Scheibner ’73 and her wife Carrie Haag

Catharine “Cat” Scheibner ’73

Catharine “Cat” Scheibner ’73 found her two lifelong loves at Mount Holyoke: politics and athletics. “I really believe in women’s education. There’s a huge difference when you’re in a coed setting.”
Susan Haas ’71

Susan Haas ’71

“Women’s education matters,” says Dr. Susan Haas ’71. “I would never have grown the way I did at a coed school. It was a critical formative experience.”
Mary Ann Villarreal ’94

Mary Ann Villarreal ’94

“Mount Holyoke connected me to a world that gave me access to the impossible,” says Mary Ann Villarreal ’94, the first in her family to attend college. “I give back because I felt like Mount Holyoke was my home and I want other people to find their home too.”
Pat Kennedy Ascher ’60

Pat Kennedy Ascher ’60

“For any career, in any job that I wanted, Mount Holyoke was certainly a selling point,” says Pat Kennedy Ascher ’60. One of her gifts to the College provides her a steady income stream and will help students explore careers in public service.

Catherine Russell Hammond ’65

Having a mother whose first job after graduating from Mount Holyoke was working for Eleanor Roosevelt inspired Catherine Russell Hammond ’65 to a career of public service. She gives back via her IRA and a legacy gift.

Laura Khoudari ’00

Mount Holyoke changed everything, says Laura Khoudari ’00. It is where she came into her voice. And she brings that voice to her work today as a certified personal trainer who incorporates a trauma-sensitive approach to strength training.

Diane Hashim Glynn ’68

“I would not have had this life without Mount Holyoke College,” writes Diane Hashim Glynn ’68. “I have credited it, all my life, with my success and happiness.”

Keith Landon ’91

Keith Landon ’91 attributes her “innate sense of confidence” to her four years at Mount Holyoke. Gratitude for her self-assurance is just one reason she volunteers and contributes today.
Anne Bolton ’72

Anne Bolton ’72

As a certified financial planner and a loyal Mount Holyoke alumna, Anne E. Bolton ’72, the incoming chair of the Mary Lyon Society, walks the talk.
Cindy Tether ’72

Cindy Tether ’72

Cindy Tether '72 credits the College for giving her "the strength, the confidence and the energy" to help make the world a better place. Her gifts of appreciated stock allow her to give back to Mount Holyoke while saving on taxes.

Robin Morse Edwards ’69

Mount Holyoke prepared Robin Morse Edwards ’69 to hold her own in a male-dominated profession. In appreciation for her outstanding education, she established a tradition of giving back to the College and added to it with a bequest to celebrate her 50th Reunion.

Diana Brassard ’90

For Diana Brassard ’90, establishing a deferred gift annuity not only benefited her retirement plans, but also allowed her “to pay it forward so that Mount Holyoke women get the support they need.”

Ruth Rotundo Whitney ’66

A fourth-generation alumna and distinguished social worker, Ruth Rotundo Whitney ’66 established a deferred gift annuity to provide income in her retirement.

Anne Marsh Fields ’71

“I turned out to be a different kind of a person because I went to MHC,” says Anne Marsh Fields ’71. Her bequest will help future students to experience their own transformations at the College.

Paula Furlong O’Hara ’66

The year after graduating, Paula Furlong O’Hara ’66 gave five dollars to The Mount Holyoke Fund. The next year she gave ten.

Diane Miller ’86

When Diane Miller ’86 found herself finally earning a paycheck after years of medical school, one of her first decisions was to invest — in her future, and Mount Holyoke’s.

Ellen Archibald ’69

Mount Holyoke boosted Ellen Archibald’s self-confidence and led her to new places. Her legacy gift will help future students to follow their dreams.

Peter Betzer and Susie Beers Betzer ’65

Susie Beers Betzer’s husband, Peter, pulled off a special holiday surprise for his favorite green griffin.

Maria Mossaides ’73

For Maria Mossaides ’73, the decision to establish a deferred charitable gift annuity wasn’t just about supplementing her income later in life.

Zoe Hale, MD ’67

“It means everything to me to give back to Mount Holyoke. I have always felt completely and totally in debt to the College,” says Zoe Hale ’67.

Linda Brandt Fritzinger ’62

Linda Brandt Fritzinger ’62 is honoring Mount Holyoke’s commitment to women through a generous bequest. Her hope is that the gift will help sustain the College’s legacy of graduating students who believe in themselves.

Norma Barrett ’04

Norma Barrett ’04 is determined to help Mount Holyoke continue to open doors for women who are defying the odds.

Cornelia Griffin Farmer ’67

As a high school student, Cornelia “Connie” Griffin Farmer ’67 first visited Mount Holyoke in March of her junior year...

Donna Dube Hryb ’67

Donna Dube Hryb ’67, an Army veteran and retired social worker, credits Mount Holyoke with “opening her world.”

Judy Shepherd DeBrandt ’66

Judy Shepherd DeBrandt ’66 recalls seeing a T-shirt imprinted with the words “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”

Tsun-yu “Chinnie” Kwan ’54

“A thirst for knowledge is a bridge to happiness and self-fulfillment.” To honor her mother, whose life epitomized this philosophy, Tsun-yu (Chinnie) Kwan ’54...

1965 Alumnae

In these inspiring videos, four members of the class share why—and how—they support Mount Holyoke.

Julie C. Van Camp ’69

Julie C. Van Camp ’69 was a junior high student in Davenport, Iowa, when she first heard of Mount Holyoke, after stumbling upon ...

Meg Harlor ’65

In her Mount Holyoke classes, Meg Harlor ’65, then known as Mickey Herz, always knew that her voice would be heard.

Linda Cadigan ’68

In July 1977, Linda Cadigan ’68 was a young mother in Hartford, Connecticut—and one month away from entering nursing school...

Sarah A. Nunneley ’63

By age 30, Sarah A. Nunneley ’63 was the first woman to complete residency and board certification in aerospace medicine.

Debby Hall and Jane Zimmy ’74

Though they didn’t know each other as undergraduates, Debby Hall and Jane Zimmy now share a bond forged through more...

Julie Oh Ybarra ’90

Joo-Yun “Julie” Oh Ybarra ’90 believes that it’s never too early to start planning for retirement.